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I value communication in science, as a way to transfer knowledge across disciplines, to engage in science policy and as a duty towards the public. I have experience in both internal communication within international collaborations, and in public outreach. Here you can find videos, interviews, press releases and more details on specific communication roles I had, with relevant certified training.

All videos

All videos
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Valeria Pettorino on Learning About Dark Energy With the Euclid Satellite
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Valeria Pettorino on Learning About Dark Energy With the Euclid Satellite

Diplomazia scientifica nell'esplorazione spaziale - Webinaire -  3 marzo 2021
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Diplomazia scientifica nell'esplorazione spaziale - Webinaire - 3 marzo 2021

Live on Live - The launch of Sputnik1 - Astrophysicist Valeria Pettorino
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Live on Live - The launch of Sputnik1 - Astrophysicist Valeria Pettorino

EuroPython 2017 Conference, Palacongressi di Rimini
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EuroPython 2017 Conference, Palacongressi di Rimini

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A golden age? - with Brian Schmidt and John Mather

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Presentation Tips, Part I: Why are you giving a talk? How to adapt your talk to your goal.

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Presentation Tips, Part II: How long is your talk and what is it about?

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Presentation Tips, Part III: Voice and body language

Interviews and press releases

Frémir avec Euclid et Valéria Pettorino

July 2023

Interview for CEA IRFU COMM on Euclid, in occasion of Euclid launch

Valeria Pettorino: Making an impact in Space, Cosmos and Mentoring

February 2023

An interview from CERN Alumni. It covers my work at CosmoStat CEA for the Euclid space satellite; but also programmes I have been part of so far: from data science with Pivigo, to mentoring for The Supernova Foundation and #space4women; to GESDA - Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator programme, thanks to which I could rediscover Geneva for its #sciencediplomacy capacity.

Energia oscura primordiale? Se c’era, era poca

December 2021

Un team di cosmologi ha ricostruito la storia dell’energia oscura attraverso la cronologia dell’universo usando una varietà di dati recenti, dalla radiazione di fondo alle supernove, dimostrando che questa componente, oggi dominante, era presente al più in quantità modeste durante le prime fasi del cosmo. Secondo questo studio, una simile ‘early dark energy’ non risolve del tutto le tensioni tra modello cosmologico standard e osservazioni. Ne parliamo con una delle autrici, Valeria Pettorino del Cea di Parigi" (Interview by Claudia Mignone for MEDIA INAF).

Valeria Pettorino reçoit le prix MCAA pour un parcours d’excellence

June 2021

Le prix MCAA 2020 lui a été décerné pour son parcours d’excellence dans la collaboration Euclid et son engagement dans la communauté scientifique

Euclid : un subtil amalgame pour un résultat cosmologique plus précis

March 2020

Au terme de trois années de travail, une équipe de la collaboration Euclid, coordonnée par l’Irfu, dévoile une nouvelle méthode pour traiter conjointement les observations ciblant spécifiquement la matière noire ou l’énergie noire, deux concepts distincts mais corrélés. Résultat : une précision de l’interprétation cosmologique grandement améliorée !

An Italian Cosmologist Who Wanders in Dante’s Dark Wood

May 2019

A cosmologist and data scientist with a literary bent, Valeria Pettorino thinks multiple angles and diverse points of view are needed to unriddle the nature of dark matter and dark energy.

La quête de l’origine de l’accélération cosmique

May 2019

Déterminer la cause de l’accélération cosmique est l’un des grands défis de la cosmologie. S’agit-il d’une constante (ΛCDM) ou d’un nouveau fluide (énergie noire, DE) ?

“Planck” Puts Einstein to the Test

March 2015

Researchers, including physicists from Heidelberg University, have gained new insights into dark energy and the theory of gravitation by analysing data from the “Planck” satellite mission of the European Space Agency (ESA).

Will we ever know the nature of Dark Energy?

January 2014

Astronomers discovered dark energy in 1998, but are we any closer to understanding what it really is?

Insieme ai Nobel, a caccia di energia oscura

July 2012

(In Italian) Non è il suo universo preferito quello che si è trovato a dover descrivere, ha ammesso sorridendo Brian Schmidt, arrivato al Meeting di Lindau fresco del Nobel ottenuto lo scorso anno...

Invited Talks

I have given talks, reviews and lectures on different topics of cosmology and astro-particle physics, from theory to experiments, for experts, for students and for the general public, worldwide.

I am currently CEA representative for Euclid France space satellite communication and I have been deputy for internal communication in Euclid from 2012 to 2014.

Relevant training

UNITAR Advanced Leadership Skills in the Public

Feb 2023

Included 5 Modules: Managing Your Team’s Aspirations, Systematic Planning, Giving a Speech, Managing People, Delegation Skills.

Tips on preparing a talk

May 2020

This is a tutorial I prepared for CosmoStat Learning Slot. It aims mainly at scientists but some tips can be useful in other contexts. It includes examples on how to adapt your talk to your goal, how to manage attention via design, voice, text, images. All tutorials are available on github:

S4D4C European Science Diplomacy online Course

Aug 2020

8 Modules including What is
Science Diplomacy, Stakeholders and Networks in Science Diplomacy, European Science Diplomacy, Regional and National Strategies for Science Diplomacy, Skills for
Science Diplomacy, Case Studies of European Science Diplomacy.

Managing an Agile Team

Feb 2020

Communication in the 21st Century Workplace

Nov 2015

The Art of Negotiation

Nov 2015

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