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Euclid France 2018

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

This week is the week in which scientists in France working for the Euclid satellite meet, present updates on their work, discuss.

Euclid science and technology is divided into many different working groups. The annual meeting is a way to present results for each group and, in particular for Euclid France, highlight where French institutions are contributing.

This year the meeting is in a sunny Nice and the topic for this year branding is clusters of galaxies, nicely represented by Euclid France COMM designer.

Check out some of the latest NISP images (the Euclid Near Infrared Spectro Photometer, @Euclid_NISP), planned to be ready for September 2019:

The meeting hosted some of the works realized within the Science & Art partnership between Euclid and ENSAAMA. Very impressive, here a glimpse of the Dark Energy vs Dark Matter challenge:

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